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A safe level of homeostasis equals health

Empowering the natural healing force within

“We all love a ‘quick fix,’ but it only lasts a moment. If you prepare for a ‘real fix,’ it will last you a lifetime.”
~ Patrick Van Brussel Health, Program Director, The Spa Resorts


Working in harmony with nature

Our responsibility as naturopaths is to work in harmony with nature to return a safe level of natural homeostatic balance to the trillions of cells in the body. Through a consistent natural nutritional approach, we empower the natural healing force (1) in each of us to bring back and maintain a safe level of homeostasis, which keeps the body in a continuously vibrant healthy state.

We consider the laws of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, (2) as well as other important wellness factors, including the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, livelihood and social dimensions. Because these also have a strong influence on our state of health and wellbeing.

The lifestyle we choose is important. Research in the field of epigenetics (3) finds that lifestyle choices can actually alter health at the level of the gene. Nutrition plays an important role in this process. While it is beyond our power to avoid many of the toxins we are exposed to in the external environment, we have much more control over our nutrition and the foods we choose to eat.


Rebalancing body chemistry

As naturopaths we do not cure diseases, we rebalance the body’s chemistry. To do that we have to first understand both the acid and base sides of chemistry. We can awaken the body’s own instinct to heal with an influx of base-, nutrient-, water- and electrolyte-rich chemistry, thereby bringing the body back to a safe level of homeostasis where the cells can maintain their integrity. Each body compartment (extracellular fluid, plasma, intracellular fluid, etc.) has a normal pH value that keeps the body functioning in a healthy way. While the pH of the blood is narrowly controlled at 7.4 (7.35 – 7.45) (4), interstitial cellular fluid is more easily compromised by the foods and drinks we consume.

If the homeostatic principle has to continuously act outside the safe zone, the stages to degeneration are set in motion from the healthy, safe homeostatic stage to the acute stage, the subacute stage, the chronic stage, and finally, to the stage of degeneration, which is the ideal environment for cell atrophy to proliferate. Atrophied cells are also called tumor and cancer cells.


Buffering systems come to the rescue

Buffering systems in the body keep us within the safe zone and make us feel good for as long as possible. Nevertheless, some of the buffering systems the body uses gradually end up in the non-safe homeostatic zone.

An example is cholesterol. The lymph carries lipids into the artery wall. As the cholesterol continues to build up, it can be fatal, leading to a stroke or heart attack. Dr. Young correctly says that fats neutralize metabolic and dietary acids. (5)

Another example is the calcium buffering system. Calcium is leached out of connective tissues everywhere in the body to neutralize acids. Calcium withdrawal from the connective tissue (bones, teeth, connective tissue, etc.) weakens them in the process. “In healthy individuals, the buffering of metabolic acid is under the control of the kidneys, lungs, and skeleton.” (6)


Focus on detoxification and regeneration

We can choose the way of self healing and recovery to reverse the stages to degeneration by creating an alkaline medium with electrically “alive” nutrients (raw fruits and vegetables, primarily fruits) that the body requires to detoxify, regenerate and strengthen the trillions of cells that make up connective tissues, muscles, bones, organs, glands, and brain and nerve cells.

When we also add to our diet fresh herbs, which are powerful nurturing substances for specific body parts, we create a powerful alkaline healing medium that positively affects the interstitial cellular fluids so the cells can restore and regenerate themselves as close as possible to their original function and genetic strength and thereby bring the whole body back to health, vitality and wellbeing.


Herbal support, fewer side effects

Professional herbalists prefer using the whole herb. We want to avoid isolating or extracting an herb’s “active” ingredient while losing its other naturally occurring ingredients — or worse, producing a synthetic copy of the “active” ingredient. Every herb, fruit and easily digestible green and vegetable (the best foods for humans) contains hundreds or even thousands of naturally occurring chemicals. The actions of most of these chemicals are not understood, but it is known that an herb's total effect is a result of the combination. Some chemicals have synergistic effects on others, increasing their activity. Some modify the effects of others, reducing undesirable side effects. Amazing! When you think about it, it is indeed nature at its best!


Toxic addictive chemicals herbal cleanse

I met a sailor, a captain from America, who smoked non-stop for 40 years. All he wanted during his program was to stop smoking — everything else was a bonus, and he had many. I used Bua Hema ginseng leaf (nicotine free) (7) , which we use in our quit smoking program and which is also good for non-smokers who breathe in secondhand smoke and/or live in polluted areas. The sailor’s 21-day program also included a juice fasting detox program, cognitive behavioral therapy, and drug and alcohol counseling. In my experience, it is as important to work on the mind and heart as it is to work on the body. It is important to understand how any problem develops, what triggers thoughts, and consequently, how emotions and finally actions affect the quality of life.

The man’s strongest temptation to smoke came on his third day of consuming the tea. He stood at the door of his room in the resort and thought, “I have a 100 dollar bill in my pocket. Anyone who can give me a cigarette, I will give him the 100 dollar bill.” He considered it one more time, decided not to do it, closed the door and never smoked again. He drank the tea six days in a row. In addition, he lost weight and flushed out water that he had retained in his legs. He was very pleased with the results.

During proper detoxification, the mind and the heart find a natural balance and clarity. It’s amazing what a simple detox can do to refocus our priorities.


Our Instinct To Heal

In his book The Instinct to Heal, David Servan Schreiber M.D. Ph.D. states the importance of merging the mind and heart into a compatible relationship: (8)

“To live in harmony in our society we need to find and sustain a balance. This equilibrium is between our immediate – instinctive – emotional reactions and the rational responses that preserve our social ties over the long term. Emotional intelligence is best expressed when the two systems – the cortical and the limbic brain – constantly corporate. In this state, our thoughts, decisions, movements, blend and flow naturally, without particular attention paid to them, at every moment we know what choice we should make. We pursue our objectives effortlessly, with natural concentration, because our actions are in harmony with our values. This state of well-being is what we continuously aspire to. It is a sign of perfect harmony between the emotional brain, supplying energy and guidance, and the cognitive brain, bringing it to fruition.”


Addictions versus connections. Is something missing?

Addictions come in many varieties. We will use anything to reduce the pain and suffering we may experience, whether it is food, drugs, smoking, medications, social media, etc. We use stimulants or depressants to numb the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual or social pain we feel. Addictions are often linked to feelings of shame, guilt, regret, anger, bitterness, etc., but our wounds will never heal if we do not treat their real cause.

The fact is, we all crave intimacy or connection with other human beings. Linda Goodman writes in Love Stars, “Love is man’s and woman’s deepest need. It’s not the threat of illness or poverty that crushes the human spirit, but the fear that there is no one who truly cares—no one who really understands.” (9) The inner need that drives every person is love, not to only give it or receive it, but to share it. To love and be loved in return.

Johann Hari points out the lack of connection issue in his TED Talk, “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong.” (10)

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The best fuel according to human physiology

Consuming the right fuel

According to human physiology, the best fuel consists of fruits (the cleanest carbon fuel), herbs, leafy greens and easily digestible vegetables. All of these can be eaten raw and have the highest base chemistry and healing energy. Dr. Morse states that humans need at least 6,000-7,000 angstroms (1) of energy at all times to even begin to smile, let alone be happy and healthy. (2) Humans operate on an average level of 6,500. Cancer patients generally operate on 4,875.

Fruits have the most angstroms at 8,000 to 10,000, while vegetables have 8,000 to 9,000. Raw mother’s milk contains 8,500 angstroms. (Note that cow’s milk (2,000 angstroms) is not a natural food for humans and it is not ideal for detoxification and regeneration.) Cooked vegetables have 4,000 to 6,500 angstroms, which when slightly steamed can be used to slow the healing crisis when it becomes too intense. The most effective approach to detoxifying and regenerating cells is to consume 100 percent raw food.


The lymphatic system is the river of life

The speed at which the body can start the self-healing process depends on many factors. One important factor is how clean the interstitial cellular fluids are, which depends on the proper filtration of acid sewage through the kidneys.

The lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system and carries sewage out of the body through the kidneys. If the kidneys are not filtering properly, where does the sewage go? “In Ayurveda, the lymphatic system is better known as 'rasa dhatu,' which means ‘the river of life.’” (3) The cleaner this river, the more efficiently the cells regenerate.


What about fruit sugar?

It is sad that today fruits get demonized by those with sugar phobia. It is enough to say that the research on fructose consists of opinions and not scientific fact. The research is based on isolated fructose, not the intake of whole fruits in their natural state. (4) When fructose is metabolized as part of a complete food, the accompanying fiber slows and modulates the release of fructose, which is beneficial for diabetics, especially type 1 (and type 2), as fructose is not regulated by insulin and is easily transported into the body's cells. (5)


Experts have concluded: ‘The intake of naturally occurring fructose from an unprocessed, whole food diet is low and unlikely to contribute to any negative metabolic consequences.’ Eating more fruits (and vegetables) can help to prevent chronic disease, including cancers.” (6)

Dr. Young says fruit sugars create acidity and should be avoided. (7) I do not agree with this view. Sugar metabolism problems are not a fruit sugar problem. Even vegetables have sugar, so should we stop eating vegetables? We cannot blame the natural sugars in fruit or vegetables. To re-establish the proper metabolism of sugar, we have to address the weakened adrenal and pancreatic functions.


High carb vs. high fat

Studies dating back nearly a century have noted a striking finding. If you take healthy young people and split them up into two groups, putting half on a fat-rich diet and half on a carb-rich diet, within just two days the following happens.

In the fatty diet group, glucose intolerance skyrockets in response to the sugar water challenge. The group that has been consuming fat ends up with twice the blood sugar. As the amount of fat in one’s diet goes up, so do blood sugar spikes. (8)

We have to understand the cause of dysfunctions in the body. It is well known that the vast majority of chronic and degenerative conditions, pain and suffering, arise due to overeating foods that cause excess acidosis in the body, increasing body heat (acids burn) and consequently creating a continuous state of inflammation in the whole body.

Foods that cause excess acidosis in the body include greasy, rich, highly seasoned, denatured or cooked, intoxicating foods that contain an excess of meats, eggs, cheese and other dairy products; fried foods, salty and sweet processed foods and starches, especially highly cooked or processed starches; refined and rancid flour and oil products; chemical ingredients; recreational and medical drugs; and beverages that overly excite, stimulate or depress the nervous system, such as alcoholic drinks and caffeinated products.


Should diabetics consume fruits?

Although we know fruits and vegetables are good for us, people with diabetes and even non-diabetics are often told they shouldn’t eat fruit because it is too sweet or contains sugar and causes weight gain. All fruits and vegetables contain natural sugar, but they also contain a good mix of vitamins, minerals and soluble, as well as non-soluble, fiber.

Managing diabetes has to do with managing blood glucose. Most fruits have a low to medium glycemic index, so they do not cause blood glucose levels to rise sharply compared to other carbohydrate-containing foods like white or whole wheat bread. Portion sizes can be implemented when needed to minimize effects on blood glucose levels.

Eating fruits and vegetables lowers one’s risk of developing many health conditions related to dysmetabolic syndrome X. Symptoms include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, obesity, and even tumors and cancers.

Diabetics are prone to plaque formation in the circulatory system. Fruits and vegetables can help reverse plaque buildup because of their alkalizing nature, while acids cause agglomeration, stiffness and hardening of not only arteries but also all membranes of human cells.


Understanding the two sides of chemistry

It is important to understand the chemistry that causes heat, pain and inflammation and the chemistry that cools down pain and inflammation. The buildup of cholesterol and plaque is a buffering reaction to the inflammation caused by the eroding effect of acidifying food on our tissues and cells, and if it is not stopped, atherosclerosis continues to increase.

The risk of diabetics having strokes and heart disease is due to their damaged blood vessels. A diabetic needs to consciously work at achieving and keeping their ideal weight. Eating regular fruits and vegetables can help them lose weight. They can reduce their cholesterol by minimizing their consumption of acid-forming foods, especially meat and meat by-products, which will control blood glucose levels. They should also exercise, quit smoking and minimize their alcohol intake.

Interestingly, many diabetics whom I’ve talked to say they fear fruit, but do not mind or fear wine, bread, etc.


Toxicity of fructose

When it comes to the toxicity of fructose, we have to differentiate between sugar in fruits and added sugars or processed sugars.

Dr. Bruce Bistrian, a professor at Harvard Medical School, writes, “Fructose is naturally found in fruits. Fruits are not harmful and are even more beneficial in almost any amount.” (9)

How much is “almost”? In a test, 27 people ate 20 servings of fruit a day. Despite the extraordinarily high content of fructose of this diet — presumably about 200 grams per day — the investigators reported no adverse effects (and possibly even benefit) in terms of body weight, blood pressure, and insulin and lipid levels after 12 to 24 weeks.

The participants had 44 servings of vegetables on top of the fruit and apparently recorded the most bowel movements ever recorded. (10)


Healthy weight loss

Through personal experience, I have realized that raw fresh foods and whole foods in their natural state are the most potent foods. They are not only able to awaken the natural healing force within each of us, but also are also most effective in weight loss, fighting pain and inflammation and in long-term weight management.

Bringing back a safe homeostatic balance in the body supports every cell to regenerate to the maximum of its ability. Effective weight loss is achieved through eating fresh nutrient-rich calories, not empty ones. It is fair to say that one would retain excess weight or fat in their body because of an unhealthy lifestyle and excess consumption of acidifying food. (11)

When you want to lose weight, you also want to think about health. You don't want to strive for weight loss, you want to strive for health, which is a shift to a higher level of awareness. When you see the bigger picture, it is easier and you do better.

Weight gain is a symptom of a larger underlying problem. You gain weight when you consume more calories than your body uses or burns in its daily tasks. Your desirable body weight is defined as the weight that is healthy, attainable and maintainable with a normal diet and level of happiness.


Weight loss testimony

O.G. joined a juice fasting program for the first time under my supervision in August 2015. After the program, he stopped smoking and drinking coffee. But he still loved his french fries, cheese and bread. He ate too much of it and gradually started to gain back his weight.

In March 2018, he returned to join a program that I personally designed. This time he was determined to lose weight and maintain it. He started the program at 105.8 kg and left at 97.7 kg. His urine was very dark for the first several days and showed a high level of bilirubin. After nine days, his urine changed to golden yellow without traces of bilirubin, and it stayed like that after his program ended.

April 6: O.G. is on a mostly raw food diet and occasionally eats fish. He has not lost much weight yet. Since leaving the program, he has lost 1 kg. I tell him not to worry about his weight plateauing but to keep going and keep the focus on fruits and veggies.

April 8: Last night, he experienced a sudden drop in his body weight to 95.7 kg.

April 10: He continues consuming high alkaline food, including several servings of fruits, vegetables and fish per day. His weight dropped to 94.2 kg. His urine color is still a normal golden yellow. He stopped taking vitamin C as the fruits and vegetables he is eating have an abundance of it.

May 8: He is still making progress. He is feeling healthy and broke the 90 kg threshold on the weekend. Now he wants to work on building his muscle tone.

June 5: He is still eating a lot of raw food and fruits. He isn’t eating carbs and is eating smaller portions of fish and meat. He is doing a fair bit of cycling for exercise. He wants to keep his focus on maintaining his healthy lifestyle. He lost 19 kg since March is now plateauing. He bought new clothes and plans to drop 7 more kgs.

July 18: He threw away all his old clothes. He weighs 83 kg and has lost 23 kg so far. He still has a bit more to go but is slowly getting there.

August 14: He now weighs 79.2 kg and consumes a carb-free raw vegan diet that includes small portions of meat protein. Research now clearly shows that athletes can thrive on a vegan diet if they want to.

He feels great and full of energy. He went cycling at 5:45 a.m. and enjoyed watching the final World Cup matches. He regrets that Belgium lost. Sorry for Belgium!

With commitment, patience and by doing the right things, you can achieve and experience effective healthy weight loss.

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Optimum Deep Tissue Herbal Cleanse Testimonial

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tze


Exclusive Wellness

The fruit cleanse is the most powerful healing approach in the world. Its beauty and effectiveness lie in its simplicity. Lost and rediscovered, it has been tested time and time again since the beginning of mankind. While most cleanses start with good intentions and promise unrealistic results, a fruit fast is not overly ambitious and with patience gives lasting results.

Regenerative detoxification is the most direct path to regenerating physical, emotional and psychological conditions. When we decide to stop using only band-aids and acknowledge that diseases are in some part self-inflicted, we can regenerate every cell in the body from the inside out, efficiently enhancing our quality of life.

Our Optimum Deep Tissue Herbal Cleanse will take you through a deep detoxification process, setting the stage for healing and cellular regeneration.


Herbal Medicine

“Nature itself is the best physician.” ~ Hippocrates


Herbal medicine is the oldest and most natural form of medicine and has been used safely and efficiently for thousands of years. Herbs are non-hybrid nutritional powerhouses that speed up the detoxification and regeneration process.

How does this work? Every cell in the body is surrounded by two major fluids: blood and lymph. Both should be flowing like a river to keep the body at a high level of vibrant health and vitality. The blood is like a kitchen, the lymph is a sewage drainage system and the lymph nodes are like a septic tank. A combination of herbal protocols and high electrolyte-rich food can help keep these systems functioning at their peak.

Areas that this deep tissue herbal cleanse focuses on:

  • GI tract
  • Kidneys
  • Bladder
  • Lymphatic system
  • Liver
  • Gallbladder
  • Endocrine system
  • Parasites
  • Macro organisms

Meanwhile, the program’s fruit cleanse breaks up congestion, coagulation and agglomeration in cells and tissues caused by systemic acidosis, and helps the kidneys filter acid mucous and sewage from cells and tissues.



“From a person who has struggled with weight loss all her life and has tried every diet that is known to mankind, trust me this program will change your life. After being diagnosed with Lipedema, which is a rare fat disease that only affects 11% of the population, I really struggled with weight loss and was rapidly gaining weight. Within one year, I gained close to 30 kgs. The only solution was to remove the diseased fat (with surgery) and have vein therapy. After having 3 extensive surgeries which involved 5.5 hour operations to remove the diseased fat I thought it was going to be all uphill from there. However, what I didn’t consider was how the inflammation was going to affect my results (which was obviously caused by food).

After eating a “clean” keto diet for 6 months my condition got worse and made me gain an additional 10 kgs post-op. My cholesterol and sugar levels increased, high cholesterol was a way for my body to control the inflammation. My body was very sore and I was in a lot of pain. After talking to my surgeon who advised me that I was that ‘one-percent’ and there wasn’t much he could do about it, I took matters into my hand. I have previously met Patrick at another detox program in which helped our family a lot, so I reached out to Patrick.

He advised a week prior to visiting him at the resort to start by eating only fruits for one week. Given my previous knowledge on fruits as it's high in sugar etc I was hesitant to try it at first. I was excited but wasn’t sure how I would go considering I had not lost 1 kg since 3 years ago due to my condition. But given that I had exhausted all my solutions, I gave it a go.

After trying the fruitarian diet for 1 week there was no looking back! My inflammation decreased, I finally dropped weight on the scales and booked my tickets straight away. Three weeks on the program I lost 5 kgs, pain decreased, inflammation went down, skin cleared up and felt energised overall. Patrick is very knowledgeable and makes it easy to do this new lifestyle. Post 3 months and I have lost 20 kgs and am still continuing this amazing life changing fruitarian way! Patrick I could easily say you have Patrick I could easily say you have changed my life!

The program is easy to do, flexible and will fit your requirements. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs either great weight loss, a good cleanse or overall general wellbeing. Forget everything you know about any diet or scammed billion-dollar weight loss industry, just stick to fruits, keep hydrated and most importantly give it time and stay consistent. Your life will change. Guaranteed.

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