Top Reasons to Fast / Detox

The highly refined foods that you eat every day, including sugar and white flour, make you susceptible to intestinal problems, and possible diseases. Maintaining a properly functioning, healthy digestive tract is vital to your overall health. That's why fasting is nature's answer, helping to detoxify, cleanse and refresh your body and gently enhancing your body's own natural internal cleansing process

When not to fast

Our Detox program is not suitable for you:
♥ During pregnancy
♥ While nursing
♥ If you are significantly underweight
♥ If you had surgery recently or will have major surgery soon
♥ If you are under extreme emotional pressure or depression

Why Fast?

Fasting is one of the most natural, powerful therapies known to humankind and is used to remove accumulated toxins from the body (therefore “Detox”). Periods of abstinence from solid food - a ritual since ancient times - allow the body to 'cleanse and purify', to remove multitudes of toxins, excess fat, parasites, and the like caused by years of processed or fast food, cigarettes, prescription drugs and alcohol. Add to that work and family-related stress, indigestion, illnesses, constipation and sedentary lifestyles, and you have a recipe for an unhealthy colon. Furthermore, the cells, tissues and organs of your body are given a well-deserved and much needed chance to slow down, rest, and heal.

With the addition of Colon Cleansing and self-administered Colemas (a cleansing regime whereby the colon is flushed out with natural solutions, in itself a potent detoxification tool) our Detox Programs offer a safe and transformative, therapeutic process moving you towards much greater states of Health and Well-Being.

Herbal Colon Cleansing

Herbal colon cleansing using psyllium, internal cleansing herbs and other natural colon cleansing products, is an essential part of a good detoxification program.

Colon Cleanse – The beneficial effects of Detoxification

Detoxification has a beneficial effect on most chronic illnesses because it has an impact on almost all systems of the body: cardiovascular, nervous, immune, respiratory, reproductive, gastrointestinal, urinary, skin, musculoskeletal and endocrine.

♥ Improve your energy levels
♥ Increase metabolism
♥ Increase metabolism
♥ Restore your digestive system Enhance weight loss
♥ Cleanse your liver and colon
♥ Balance your hormones
♥ Boost your ‘immunity

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