Some precise answers and essential facts about Fasting & Cleansing. And some clear analysis how a combination of bad diet, poor lifestyle choices, and bad living conditions lead to an unhealthy state of being.

What should I eat after the Cleanse program ?

A: Days One and Two Eat raw foods - all types of fruits and salads- plenty of water and juices. Please note: Do not eat processed and/or starch foods for a few days. Days Three and Four Fruit in the morning (all types of fruit can now be eaten throughout the day). Carrot juice mid-morning, Salad for lunch 'Spa' somtum, Rejuvelax or any of our great 'Spa' salads. For dinner or possibly late lunch we suggest veggie soup. Days Three to Seven Strive to maintain the above diet. Stick with fruit, salads, slightly cooked vegetables and plenty of pure water & juices. Plenty of raw, uncooked fiber type foods are best. Carbohydrates are fine in moderation. Proteins such as eggs, fish, tofu and chicken should be slowly introduced back into your diet as an evening treat or for a morning power boost! The golden rule is to start to eat more raw foods everyday (fresh fruits and salads). Aim for 70% of your diet to raw and you will notice great change in your general health for a lasting period.

Q: How can an acid fruit such as an orange or pineapple be considered an alkaline food?

A: The term is actually alkaline-forming. While the juice may be acidic, it contains enough electrolyte minerals to more than make up for the electrolytes lost because of the acids.

Q: What if I get constipated after the cleanse program?

A: We suggest you first try a Liver Flush drink. You can also try flora grow capsules, psyllium husk with water, cayenne and Senna herb laxative tea (Fitne tea). Flora Grow Capsules are available for purchase from the Spa Resorts (max. 20). Take 2 each night before sleep and also take Psyllium and take 2 teaspoons in a large glass (10oz ~ 250ml) of water first thing each morning, followed by another full glass of water.

Q: If you forget to take Probiotics after cleansing for a few days, would you advise doing the Probiotics implant or just start taking the Probiotics now?

A: We do not recommend doing an implant after you have started eating. Just start taking the Probiotics daily until the bottle is gone. Take about 3 capsules, 3 times daily for a few days and you will make up for it quickly.

Q: Can you take Probiotics (Flora Grow or other non-dairy source lactobacteria) on a daily basis, long term?

A: Yes.

Q: How often should I fast?

A: This depends on each individual's lifestyle, after fasting-diet and environment. The best way to determine this is by listening to your body. Many people get by with one 7 day-fast a year with maybe a shorter 3-day fast in between. Some like to fast 1 day a week as an up-keep method.

Q: I want to do a fast on my own at home now, where can I get a supply of the herbs from?

A: Visit and order direct.

Q: Will a Cleanse help a person with Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

A: Here at The Spa we do not claim to treat or cure any medical conditions. In general, conditions such as IBS are aggravated by diet and lifestyle factors, such as food intolerances especially wheat, dairy and refined products that irritate the gut lining. Parasites, Candida and bacteria will also contribute to poor bowel health. Cleaning the bowel and detoxing the body will lead to greater health and will encourage the body's own healing to take place. After a cleanse, adopting healthier lifestyle practices is easier as you will want to continue improving your health. If you have any conditions that you are concerned about, please consult your medical doctor or health practitioner before starting our cleansing program.


Q: Can I start a Cleanse if I suspect I have an ulcer?

A: We strongly recommend that you do not proceed with a cleanse if you suspect an ulcer. Other conditions that preclude doing a cleanse are the following: ulcerative colitis, bleeding hemorrhoids, fissures and any suspected internal bleeding. We recommend working with a health care practitioner that uses raw juice and similar therapies to heal the condition first and only when full healing is established, proceed with a mild cleanse program. Our Detox program is also not suitable for you:

♥ Improve your energy levels
♥ Increase metabolism
♥ Increase metabolism
♥ Restore your digestive system Enhance weight loss
♥ Cleanse your liver and colon
♥ Balance your hormones
♥ Boost your ‘immunity

Q: If a person has a condition of Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis or a Lung condition, what precautions should be taken while detoxify?

A: People with health problems should work with a qualified practitioner whilst cleansing. WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS - if in doubt PLEASE consult your health care practitioner before starting any Cleansing Program!


A: Toxicity in the body may have taken years to accumulate, so for many people complete cleansing will not be achieved in one or two weeks. Whilst cleansing, the body is detoxing on a cellular level as well as eliminating putrid fecal matter from the colon. Depending on diet and lifestyle factors the colon may be in good or poor health. Each person is individual. You may eliminate a lot of material for a few days during The Cleanse and not eliminate any more for the remaining few days. This is normal, because most people will clean out the colon in stages. Once one blockage is passed, it may take time to loosen and expel the next blockage. There is no hard-and-fast rule as to when you have fully cleaned out your colon. It will be different for each person. Signs that show you are getting close include the ability to take water all the way over to the right side of the body with ease, when doing a Colema, the absence of kinked or twisted fecal matter, and successive cleanses (3-5 in succession) that produce little or no fecal eliminations. The cleaner you become the more vibrant you will feel. Your energy will increase, you will require less sleep, you will be free of aches, pains, allergies, and other ailments; your skin will look younger and clearer and your eyes will shine. A healthy, clean colon means a healthy, clean body with a properly nourished bloodstream, in which disease cannot take hold.

Q: What about working out & other EXERCISE while on the Program?

A: Light exercise is best during you cleanse. Stick to gentle yoga, tai chi, chi kung, walking and swimming. Jogging, rebounding or any activity that creates a bouncing of the intestine is not recommended, nor is strenuous exercise such as weight lifting. Remember that when you exercise vigorously you are using electrolyte minerals which you may need for cleansing. Vigorous exercise may also cause your body to break down muscle tissue for energy. In general cleansing is a good time to rest and tune into your body and spirit in other ways. When you complete your cleanse you can return to your normal workout with renewed vitality.

Q: Can I take my VITAMINS when I am on your Program?

A: Generally you do not need to take supplements during The Cleanse. All of our herbal products have been specially formulated from natural herbs to specifically support your body during the cleansing process. Remember also that ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE NOT THE SAME. Many products available on the market are of a very low quality containing non-absorbable forms of nutrients at the wrong dosage. If you take supplements, be sure to take good quality natural products.


Q: Can I still drink COFFEE, SOFT DRINKS & SMOKE while on the Cleanse?

A: You should not drink anything other than water or the diluted fruit juice used in the Detox Drink, or the special drinks available on our Fasters' Menu. Drinks such as coffee and fizzy drinks are not good for you and may be contributing to many of your ailments and health problems. This cleanse is a process of detoxification, and the body cannot effectively detoxify if you are continuing to take in toxins such as these. In fact, many people who want to quit such habits as smoking and alcohol, find that the Cleansing Program eases their withdrawal symptoms and makes it easier for them to quit. If you can't quit smoking entirely, then at least try to cut back to just 1 or 2 per day. You may have some herbal tea (not black tea) once or twice a day.

Q: Can I take the liver, kidney or parasite products while on the Program?

A: No, this is not at all recommended. It is much better to let The Cleanse prepare your body for working with these products after you cleanse. You can do the “Parasite Zapper' whilst on the fast and/or take garlic Colemas once a day.

Q: Why do we need Colon Cleansing?

A: One word…Toxins! If you are thinking about a colon cleanse you're probably suffering from some sort of ailment, whether it's constipation, acne, candida, too many headaches or just a constant feeling of sluggishness and low energy. Most likely, that ailment is related some way to the colon. The colon is one organ that indirectly and directly affects all the other organs in the body. When it's clogged up, the liver can't do its job properly. When the liver can't work efficiently, the kidney suffers, etc. So to start eliminating symptoms and to get better, we must first start cleansing the colon. The truth is our colon, for most of us, is in an unhealthy state, filled with mucoid plaque and toxins. Our colon is clogged, leading to constipation. How did we reach this state? Through a combination of a bad diet, poor lifestyle choices, and bad living conditions. Take our diet for instance. Most Westerners consume too much protein. Protein is necessary, and completely healthy, but too much can lead to over-acidity and indigestion, which is not good. An overabundance of acid in the body can take a toll on the colon as it depletes necessary minerals and electrolytes from our body. This then leads to the inability of the colon to tackle harmful bacteria, and toxins. Many of us also overeat. We all know weight gain is a huge problem, but that notwithstanding eating too much in one sitting can have serious long-term effects. Ideally, we shouldn't eat more than a handful of food in one meal. Overeating leads to an overuse of enzymes, and can cause our colon to work even harder. And what about the “food” we eat in a daily basis. Cookies, cakes, processed foods, chips, sweets, etc., all are not meant to be eaten by man in such quantities. Eating unnatural foods is a big reason why there is mucoid plaque stuck in our colon, and why we all should consider colon cleansing as a normal part of our health and well-being programs Our environment is also another major cause for an unhealthy colon. Almost everyone is subjected to pollution, secondary smoking, harmful chemicals, pesticides, etc. every single day. Our immune system has to work overtime to rid our body of these dangerous chemicals. This weakening of the immune system leads to a weakening of the colon as well. Colon cleansing is a safe, alternative method to treat many of our symptoms and problems. It's not just for people with constipation, but for anyone who wishes to feel better, and strengthen their inner organs. Cleansing is necessary to rid our body of toxins that accumulate as a result of an unhealthy diet, environmental pollution and chemicals, and a constant use of antibiotics. Bowel cleansing is not just about cleansing the colon. It's about indirectly cleansing our small intestines, large intestines, and stomach as well. Following a Colon cleanse program you are creating an environment for permanent change in your life by being aware of your diet and the effects of your environment. REMEMBER: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

Q: I don't think I can do 7 days without Eating

A: Going without food for 7 days is easier than it sounds. In fact, during our cleansing program you do not feel hungry as the detox drinks keep you feeling full. In addition, you are allowed to take some juices and broth in the restaurant to provide your body with extra nutrients during the cleanse. So in effect you are "cleansing", not "fasting”. You are taking nutritional supplementation during the program that help support the bloodstream to nourish the cells of the body. The supplements and broth do not require a lot of digestion and, therefore, do not interrupt the cleansing process. If you truly feel that you cannot possibly last the full 7 days, you can start out slowly by trying our 3 1/2 day semi-cleanse program. When you feel comfortable that you can go without food for 3 days, you can then add on extra days.

Q: I'm concerned about LOSING too much WEIGHT on The Cleanse.

A: Most people find that their weight stabilizes quite nicely after a cleanse.

Q: What about my need for Protein?

A: New cell growth during fasting is stimulated and accelerated as the required proteins are re-synthesized from decomposed cells (during autolysis). Thus, your serum albumin reading - blood-protein level - remains constant and normal throughout your fast, as your body very smartly uses protein and other stored nutrients where needed. Germany's late Otto Buchinger, M.D., after supervising over 100,000 juice-fasts, eventually concluded: “The need for protein diminishes during the fast, until in the second week, it has been reduced from 100 grams to from 15-20 grams a day, and this amount is, in fact, quite sufficient while fasting."

Q: How much Weight do most people lose after fasting/cleansing?

A: The average weight loss is about 3-5kgs. (3 1/2 day SEMI-FAST about 1-3kgs)

Q: What's in the HERBS I'm taking during the cleanse ?

A: All of the herbs given are in a vegetarian capsule - not gelatine. The INTESTINAL CLEANSERS contain: Plaintain, Cascara Sagrada, Barberry, Peppermint, Sheep Sorrel, Fennel, Ginger, Myrrh Gum, Red Raspberry, Rhubarb, Golden Seal & Lobelia. The HERBAL NUTRITION contain: Alfalfa, Dandelion, Chickweed, Marshmallow Root, Yellow Dock, Rose Hips, Hawthorne, Licorice root & Irish Moss. The FLORA GROW contains: BifidoBacterium: Infantis/Bifidum/LongumLactobacillius: Acidophilous DDS-1/Casei/Plantarum(Other ingredients all Vegetarian: Maltodextrin, Frutooligosacchrides, Lemon grass, Methyl Cellulose)

Q: Will this program get rid of PARASITES ?

A: While this program is not specifically designed as a parasite cleanse, many people experience the removal of parasites from their bodies. Parasites and the harmful bacteria that are in a dirty colon live in the old mucous lining and retained fecal matter. When this debris is washed and eliminated from the body, the parasites and bacteria will be washed out.If you suspect you have parasites, we have additional measures you may wish to take during the cleanse, such as our “Parasite Zapper” and garlic Colemas.

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